Im back

Its been a long while since I’ve posted and I’ve promised myself I will write much much more now, especially in related to how autism affects me.

The good news is I completed my Masters 8 months ago! 🙂 Its to do with how art/culture/heritage projects can regenerate urban areas, build skills and help things like health and wellbeing. Its also to do with place making and place branding.

The dissertation (which strangely I miss doing) was about the benefits of art participation projects for autism.

Since graduation I’ve been going around freelance trying to be a bid writer for non-profit organisations. I have had little luck due to their lack of funds and having people in-house who do that for them. I have been out networking a lot though and have taken a more serious interest in other people.

I have been given serious thought into becoming an autism life coach/speaker/advocate. I hope that having my dissertation and by writing on this blog I can build up a body of work and a bit of a discussion about the spectrum.


Unproductive weekend

My procrastination has returned! Dunn Dunn DUNNNNN. Yesterday I got distracted from dissertation by the thought of going out in the evening, which I did and it was dead so I came back again only mildly drunk. Ive spent the day finishing off my final university essay and submitted it, only to notice a frigging mistake in it afterwards. Typical. My current dissertation word count hovers around the 1200 word mark so 17,000 or so words to go……………..Ill have to see my academic supervisor this week.