Names and dissertation

Ahh wordpress, I thought I would come back to you eventually. Tumblr is all about the photos. I even have my old WordPress blogs on here somewhere which were carbon copies of my crappy Tumblr. I got stuck on this new signup of WordPress on what name to choose. So I just ended up using my name. I won’t be doing what I did on Tumblr which was to spend hours messing with url changes theme changes. Here I think it will be plain and white and simple and standard. Im getting too old for all that slick looking websites etc. Oh who am I kidding? Ill probably still mess with it when procrastinating over my dissertation.

Ive decided to write a blog that will help me get into the habit of writing everyday for my dissertation which is on the value of arts participation for people on the autistic spectrum and how we can create autism friendly spaces. It will be a big friggin long literature and desk based review so I better get used to sitting at this desk and typing. Ive got till August 31st to do it.