Drinking and going out

I go out alone and I drink alone when I go out. I drink to feel a connection with everyone else in the room and to have an excuse if to go up to people and talk. It also gives me an excuse if I say something eccentric. I smoke too which is pretty stupid and again a purely social thing. I don’t rely on alcohol and I don’t need it to function but drinking does have a self destructive element to it for me. When I do drink I don’t just have one, I drink to get drunk. This is quite a British/Irish/American drinking culture.

When I do drink I look around at everyone in the bar/club and see the same looks and acts of lost people. I think I drink more because I’m bored than anything. Its a way to pass the hours and I delude myself into thinking that drinking for the purpose of getting drunk is a form of work and attainment. Its extremely rare that I drink or smoke at home and its only when I know I have to be out in public in a crowded or noisy place. I have an undercurrent of anxiety that alcohol and smoking tranquillises me to. Its still there but I forget about it.

One thing I’ve been doing in more recent times is posting things on social media when I get home drunk which is very personal or confessions of repetitive, intrusive thoughts from OCD. These intrusive thoughts are often violent or about suicide. This social media sharing and drunk texting to girls obviously makes the morning hangover ten times worse. I think theres a part of me that does all this out of depression and expression of frustration. I don’t do all this from a happy internal place. It comes from a really dark place, a place that must scare even me, hence the denial and cognitive distortions I have about myself.

Somewhere along the line I’ve disconnected myself from my real thoughts and feelings in order to protect myself from more hurt. This disconnection internally then causes me to desperately seek connections from others externally. However in order to do that and deal with all the anxieties that go with that I’ve acquired some bad habits.