There’s a lot of things I’ve not done and a lot of things I’ve not tried. A lot of these things would be considered normal things and therefore people think I’m weird if I say I’ve not tried them. This is certainly the case with food for example. There are tons of basic and very, very common foods that I’ve never tried. Lasagne, most pizzas, garlic, pancakes, honestly the list goes on. 

I find myself running out of the things I have done when getting to know and talk to people. Pretty quickly I have to talk about the things I’ve not done or tried. I guess a part of mentioning these things is to get the reaction of ‘REALLY?! You’ve never done that? Why not?’ Etc. As I quickly run out things I have done to talk about to myself and to others, I feel increasingly like defining myself more on what I’ve not done than what I have done. What I have accomplished in my life becomes increasing smaller and weaker by comparison. This needless to say gets me down especially as, like I said, many of the things I’ve not tried seem common and basic to most people. For me, trying new things is a complicated set of thought processes and maybe this is one of the reasons I don’t try new things as often as other people.

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